Many science-fiction lovers can have an imagination that can run for a thousand miles. After reading so many books, many readers hope to become writers of their own sci-fi stories. But what does it take to write a great sci-fi story? More or less, although every story is unique, most sci-fi’s follow the same basic formula. Here’s how to write a sci-fi story:

What and If

Many science-fiction writers will begin each story with one basic question: “What if…?” What if there was time travel? What if there are alternate universes? These “what if” questions should be aimed at bending reality and creating another world. What makes it different from a fantasy story is emphasizing on the science behind it.  For instance, another dimension is possible because of technology, not a wicked witch in the woods.

Creating the World

When writing a science fiction story, start by creating the world before the character. What kind of world do they live and what are the major conflicts of this world? What makes it different from ours? It’s important to create a universe for this novel and understand the science behind it. Once you have the major twist of time travel or aliens, answer the question of how. Let the reader know how everything works and how things got to me this way.

Relatable Element

Although not many of us can relate to an alien invasion or a break in the time warp, there are elements in every sci-fi story that the reader can relate too. When writing your story, keep the reader in mind. It’s fun to get lost in a great story, but it’s important the reader can make a connection. Every story is a metaphor for life, which is why so many people love to read. Make the story relatable for readers to walk away feeling changed and have them rethinking their own world. 

Get lost in the world you create and start writing!