Professional References

Noble Newman is an educator who has taught elementary school classes in Illinois, Michigan, and, most recently, Pennsylvania. He finds his work rewarding and believes that there is no greater satisfaction than playing a role in the positive development of a young mind. As Albert Einstein once said, “It is the supreme art of the teacher is to awaken the joy, creative expression, and knowledge within a student.” For Noble, this quote represents him personally and professionally within the education sector. One of his major focuses in the classroom was to empower the passion, love, and devotion of reading. Reading, as understood, has the capabilities to improve the imagination, vocabulary, empathy, and critical thinking within a young adolescent. Noble believes that in order to provide his students with a strong and successful future, they need to have the knowledge and foundation to read well. This in turn will allow them to write analytically, speak knowledgeably, and understand considerably the world around them. Naturally, cultivating a child’s reading habit was vital in his day-to-day as a teacher.

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