Noble Newman

Teaching & Education

About Noble Newman

Stories, as they are for so many people, are an essential part of Noble Newman‘s life. An avid reader through all of his years, with a novel always by his side and an audiobook regularly playing in his car, he now writes stories of his own, and is trying his hand at getting his material published.

Some of the most wonderful things about great books, whether you’re reading them or writing them, are that they allow you to explore new worlds that you would not normally be able to experience in real life and that they reflect the actual world, showing it in ways that provide insights one could miss or that could be cloudy in the deluge of information and experience of one’s day to day. If you can add some humor and fantasy to stories, they are likely to resonate even more deeply. Such stories can also serve the valuable purpose of encouraging kids to read.

With an appreciation for the above-mentioned humor, fantasy, and creatively constructed worlds and a long-standing and innate interest in technology and technological advancement, it’s no surprise that Noble Newman is a huge fan of the fantasy and science fiction genres. Some of his favorite books include Ender’s Game, Eragon, and Peter and the Starcatchers, and the Harry Potter, Lightning Thief, and Ranger’s Apprentice series. In short, he appreciates what everyone does in good literature – books that fill the reader with a sense of wonder and joy.

While Noble embraces innovation and new technology, sometimes the old-fashioned way of doing things is best, which is why he is currently attempting to go through literary agents in order to get his material seen and published. He plans to begin his professional writing career with children’s books.

Noble Newman’s Background

Born in New Jersey, Noble Newman has led something of a nomadic life. When he was young, his family moved to Long Island. He attended Colgate University in upstate New York, where he earned degrees in education and philosophy and, most importantly, met his wife. They moved to Illinois, where Noble earned his Master’s in Educational Organization and Leadership, and then to Michigan. Both moves were made to follow his wife’s education and career in veterinary oncology, and in both locations, Noble worked as an elementary school educator, including gifted and talented students. 

As with many aspiring authors, Noble Newman works to support his creative lifestyle. He has held many roles over the years, but his favorite position is as a teacher. Noble loves sharing his passion for writing with his students and hopes he will someday inspire the next generation of writers. As a teacher, Noble has worked in several schools, helping students of various ages. 

Noble Newman started his teaching career at Colgate University (NY), where he was Head Training Coordinator of the “Empower Yourself” program. From here, Noble became an Assistant Teacher at the National Child Development Center (VA). Mr. Newman became a fourth-grade teacher at East Park Elementary School (IL) a year later. Next, Noble worked as a Gifted and Talented Teacher for Booker T. Washington Elementary School (IL). He held this position until the time came to follow his wife to Michigan.

In Michigan, Noble Newman landed the Fifth Grade Gifted/Talented Teacher role at Hornung Elementary School. He worked here for four years before joining Quaker Valley School District as a Fifth Grade Math and Language Arts Teacher. He held this job for several years before deciding to become a stay-at-home dad for a time. Noble is a proud and dedicated father, willing to do anything for his children.

Noble Newman has several other passions and hobbies outside of work and writing. He loves technology, including all new technological discoveries. He also enjoys learning about finance and new business practices.