Q&A’s for Noble

Noble Newman is an entrepreneur, business man, author, and former elementary school teacher looking to make a transformative change on the lives of those around him. For any person wearing a variety of hats is never easy. But for Noble, his passion is what continues to drive him each and every day. Below, you will find a couple of Q&A questions that highlight Noble’s personal and professional interest.


What got you interested within the education sector?

  • When you search for a meaningful profession where one can most influence the world in a positive way without huge amounts of money or prior influence, you find teaching.
  • When you search for a profession where your creative talents can approach a problem with support and praise and not scorn or resentment, you find teaching.
  • When you search for a profession that has a dire need for the crème de la crème and where that person will shine and light others on their way, you find teaching.
  • When you search for a profession where those dedicated to the craft are honored, you find teaching.


What has been your favorite experience in the classroom?

  • Lessons, “Aha moments,” smiles, and students aside, my favorite experiences come from taking a failed lesson or method of teaching and reworking/designing it to the specific needs and interests of my students… and seeing it SUCCEED!


What was the most difficult part about being a teacher?

  • Red tape and busy work are, for teachers (and students), the killjoy of school. Every extra piece of redundant form or paperwork, off-task email, and mini-meeting for what is a truly minor issue takes time away from the classroom. HOWEVER, it is necessary. And this is why it is the most difficult part of being a teacher.


Tell me a little bit about your classroom?

  • It is never the same from year to year or month to month. When my students show an interest in something, I run with it. Flexible classroom themes, setup, and overall atmosphere is what makes teaching fun and educational. You can always find a way to apply the curriculum to your students’ interests. This is how my classroom is set up and how it thrives.


What interested you about writing?

  • How else can you really share your world with others? Writing is a way you can teach others, share insights, make poignant points, and express your opinions in a way others who are interested may access. It is the way you can allow the world to see through your eyes, if only for a moment.


Who has influenced you as a writer?

  • Shall I name my favorite authors, nah… too cliché. How about a mentor, teacher, or family member… again, pfft.  Instead, it is those persons, authors, actors, or random Youtube wannabe famous I’m-just-going-to-say-what-I-think video poster who had something stimulating or interesting to say that influenced me.  People who wrote or said something that made me think and the see the world in a new way, thank you.  People who wrote or said something that made me question a long held belief, thank you. And people who wrote or said something that allowed me to imagine a new world, thank you. You are the influences of my writing.


What are your top three favorite books and why?

  • My early years: The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkein.  Please respect my younger self, but I did NOT like the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. I read The Hobbit many many times those early years (before 10)… I tried to read the Trilogy and was bored many times over – it was just too wordy back then. (On a side note, I can’t get enough of the movies… Just. Plain. Awesome!)
  • Mid-ish years: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.  I couldn’t get enough of the whole series. The main character was a genius kid, with an apocalyptic threat looming over everyone, political intrigue, psychological back-and-forths, and it takes place in a battle school in space? I signed up and have never left. (On a side note, I have not seen the movie and I do not want to either!)
  • Recently: Too many to count (cop-out). But I will say that the best Time-to-Reading Enjoyment ratio I have found lie in books written for 8-15 year olds. Want a list of my favorites… perhaps I will write that list someday if there is interest.


What are your greatest personal strengths?

  • Creativity – I have always worn the “Creative Hat.”  …what else is there to say? (Except, “Wow – what creativity.” *pause)


How long have you been writing?

  • I have been writing bits here and there forever. My more serious and “New Years Resolution still going strong” writing has been more recent, as of this writing a year or so at the most.


What inspires you to write?

  • The creative outlet of writing itself inspires me. My topics of choice come from a myriad of experiences and random thoughts that have me sprinting to paper and pencil or trying to open my phones texting program!


What are your hobbies?

  • I love to read… read… read.. fall asleep… wake and read. Yes, Read!
  • Does taking care of children and nurturing their emotional, social, physical, and educational growth count as a hobby? If so, then… taking care of children.
  • League of Legends is my gaming pastime. Mid, Support, Top for me. You ADCs are clicking gods and you Junglers are game changers – but I can’t effectively play either one!
  • Soccer is my sport of choice since I was very young and I loved my adult leagues until my kids’ bedtimes and night games lined up perfectly! *grumble ☺