• Are we testing knowledge/understanding? Then fewer problems are needed
  • Are we practicing? Then we need samples of good work and quality problems… not just more problems
  • Extra problems are fine, if they are not Required

We can reasonably ask for quality practice problems that are necessary to the lesson. The teacher, or our child, can circle those problems. If this doesn’t work, then there can be an agreement to always do the odd problems on every worksheet unless otherwise noted. (This is also a good policy if there is a substitute in the room.) These will be the CORE problems to practice the concept, not just busy work.  

The Hard Part:

  1. We (parents) should NOT do the homework. Make the promise to try everything the teacher circles as necessary. If our child can’t do it, that should help the teacher make further adjustments.
  2. Be part of the team. The offer to try the extra problems is necessary. Really try to get the extra problems completed with your child, if you can. The teacher wants to see your child improve and the extra effort on your part will be appreciated.
  3. Promise the teacher to give an honest effort to try to get through the circled problems first. Then, you can go onto more problems if all is going well.


Teacher: Our child might have attention or learning issues because of his/her special needs.  We need to avoid busy/rote work being assigned for other students. Are you able to accept a reduced amount (not type) of practice required by my child? If so, then allow our child to prove growth/mastery of the material without causing a meltdown at home. Again, we will appreciate it.