More and more educators are starting to integrate computer science into their curriculum, and with good reason. Aside from being a highly sought-after skill, coding facilitates other skills such as critical thinking and collaboration. Despite the virtues of programming education, not all schools offer courses in computer science, and those that do are in well-resourced school districts. This leaves a significant margin of students at a disadvantage. Code with Google is aiming to solve that very problem. Code with Google supplies educators with resources to make computer science accessible to their classrooms. One of the resources is CS First, a video-based curriculum targeted towards students in elementary and middle school. Older students in high school can use the free app Grasshopper to learn Javascript, and there are even scholarship opportunities in computer science that teachers can share with their students. Where there was a discrepancy in quality programming education among schools, Code with Google helps to bridge that gap and pair students and teachers with the right resources.