During these uncertain times that we are all confined to our homes in quarantine, we have a lot more time on our hands. Instead of binge-watching TV shows, this is a great time to start reading science fiction novels. Here are the best sci-fi book series to get you through quarantine:

Gone series by Michael Grant

For those who are big fans of the Netflix show Stranger Things, you will become an even bigger fan of the Gone series. Written by author Michael Grant, this series follows protagonist Sam Temple and his friends in Perdido Beach, California. Sam discovers he has supernatural powers and that he can shoot burning light from his hands. The plot thickens when everyone 15 years old and older vanishes without a trace and an impenetrable bubble encompasses town. The kids that are left with some having supernatural powers like Sam, they have to fight the unknown enemy that has them trapped without fighting each other.

The Giver series by Lois Lowry

Another great read to get you through quarantine is The Giver series written by Lois Lowry. This addicting series takes place in a society that is built upon everyone being equal. With everyone being equal, it keeps them from being able to feel a wide range of emotions, experience weather, and even see color. One member of this equal but faulted society has been given the task of holding onto all of the forgotten histories known as the Receiver of Memories. Once a new receiver has come of age, the Giver begins to receive these memories from the previous receiver. These memories, however, come with many struggles and complications.

The Barcode Tattoo series by Suzanne Weyn

Another series that follows a dystopian society that takes place years into the future is The Barcode Tattoo series written by Suzanne Weyn. In this series, Cash has been completely replaced by credit cards, which will be soon completely replaced by Barcode Tattoos placed on a person’s wrist when they turn 17. But that tattoos aren’t just for currency, they also have a large amount of information about the individual; some information they don’t even know themselves. most of which is not known to them. When protagonist Kayla Reed doesn’t get her tattoo because it is not mandatory, she becomes an outcast. In her fight against the pressure to get the tattoo, more reasons not to get it are beginning to surface.