With schools are wrapping up the last few weeks of the academic calendar, I felt that it was incredibly fitting to give our students one last piece of advice: Make sure you express your thanks and undying gratitude for all of the hard work your teachers have put into the classroom each and every day!

In the realm of an educator, teachers are consistently going above and beyond the 9-to-5 work hours within a day. Outside the preconceived generalized notion of the education field, teaching is simply not an easy job. In fact, in the grand scheme of things, teachers are the gatekeepers to a better future and a better life.

To start, much of the general public has an unrealistic and insensitive view of the education sector. The phrase ‘glorified babysitter who gets their paychecks for vacation time and babysitting’ is nothing but a negative connotation and a disrespectful remark to this noble professional profession. In reality, the job and drive of an educator requires them to go above and beyond the norms of the day in order to provide the best education for our future leaders of tomorrow. Why? Well at the end of the day, a teacher wants to teach. It is their passion, their drive, and most importantly, their motivator to wake up every morning and provide their students with an excellent and informative lesson. Just think about it. Why else would these talented individuals accept low salary wages for long hours and lack of recognition if they were not passionate about their profession? For teachers, especially the most memorable ones, they deserve their thank you.

Now for those of you, even students, who are unaware of the education sector, you have to understand the plethora of problems teachers faced each and every year. For them, they deal with various hurdles such as the unrealistic expectations set by them from the state, the oversized classrooms, classroom management, lack of resources, and the constant need to be the perfect role model. In addition to the teacher title, they also wear various hats such as strategist, planners, data analysis, coaches, mentors, and parents, especially to a majority of their students. If it wasn’t for their effort, we would not have the lesson plans to both evaluate and execute our own student progress. If it weren’t for their positive encouragement and hard-truth talks, we wouldn’t have created various long-term life learning goals. Lastly, if it weren’t for their drive and motivation to show up each and everyday, we would not have the education to open all of the doors of opportunity. With that being said, I personally believe this type of hard work and sacrifice should never go unnoticed.

So thank you teachers! Thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for making the world a better place and building the doctors, lawyers, and CEOs of our nation. While you may not get that thank you from the one unruly child, you will always and forever have my thanks for believing in our children.