Science fiction is arguably one of the best genres when it comes to books. The world of science fiction, however, isn’t just one-sided. The genre is incredibly complex and has dozen of subgenres. One story can contain one genre or many! The universe of SciFi subgenres is endless, but today we will explore a few of the most well-known worlds.

Hard Science Fiction 

Technolgy takes center-stage in a hard science fiction story. In these stories, scientific concepts are explained in great detailed which helps to provide scientific realism. Sometimes the scientific aspect can get in the way of character development and plot.

Soft Science Fiction 

In soft science fiction stories, technology and facts aren’t as prevalent. In soft Science Fiction, there more focus on the why and less on the how.

Military Science Fiction 

Military science fiction will often have a story that revolves around war or a military conflict. Of course, most of the characters will be military members and have strong themes about duty, honor, or heroism.

Space Opera

One of the more confusing subgenres is space opera. A space opera will usually be a long-running series and have continuing story arc throughout. The set of this story will take place in space and will have a number of characters who reoccur throughout the series. Many space operas have themes surrounding war, politics, space exploration, rebellion, etc.


Steampunk is an interesting take on science fiction since it blends the technology of the future and the design and aesthetic of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The primary focus is the inventiveness of industrial engineers. This subgenre has actually evolved into a large cultural movement.

Apocalyptic Science Fiction

Following a cataclysmic event, an apocalyptic science fiction story is soon to follow. After the decline of the human race or the end of the Earth itself, you will watch your heroes to whatever they can to survive. 

Parallel Words 

If you aren’t aware of the concept surrounding parallel worlds, there are an infinite number of alternate worlds with identical people living very different lives. To get to an alternate world, the characters of this story will travel by a wormhole also known as ‘Einstein-Rosen bridge’.

Dystopian Fiction 

Dystopian fiction has a primary focus on political repression. A dystopian society is the complete opposite of a utopian society and society’s freedoms are restricted. One of the greatest examples of dystopian fiction is George Orwell’s classic 1984.